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Heretics and Heroes

How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World

In Volume VI of his acclaimed Hinges of History series, Thomas Cahill guides us through a time so full of innovation that the Western world would not again experience its like until the twentieth century: the new humanism of the Renaissance and the radical religious alterations of the Reformation.


A Saint on Death Row

How a Forgotten Child Became a Man and Changed a World

“This book is a life-changer.  Thomas Cahill has shown—through the extraordinary life of one man—that God works everywhere and can bring the most beautiful soul to maturity in even the most horrifying circumstances. If you… More


Mysteries of the Middle Ages

And the Beginning of the Modern World

“Intoxicating. . . . Cahill's command of rich historical detail makes medieval cities and their colorful characters come to alive.” —The Los Angeles Times “Cahill offers a fascinating portrayal of the intellectual richness that foreshadows… More


Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

Why the Greeks Matter

“A triumph of popularization: extraordinarily knowledgeable, informal in tone, amusing, wide ranging, smartly paced.” —The New York Times Book Review “The best introduction to classical Greek culture yet written. . . . Learned, stylish and… More


Desire of the Everlasting Hills

The World Before and After Jesus

"Divertingly instructive—gratifying—. [Cahill] makes Jesus a still-living literary presence."—The New York Times "Engaging—. Cahill strips away the pious accretions of 2000 years so that a picture of Jesus as an actual human being emerges."—BookPage "A… More


The Gifts of the Jews

How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels

"Persuasive as well as entertaining...Mr. Cahill's book [is] a gift."—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times "Pulls off the unlikely feat of offering readdable, well-paced prose and sophisticated analysis." —Wall Street Journal "Thomas Cahill looks at… More


How the Irish Saved Civilization

The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe

"Charming and poetic...lyrical, playful, penetrating and serious...An entirely engaging, delectable voyage into the distant past, a small treasure." —The New York Times "A lovely and engrossing tale . . . Graceful and instructive." —Richard Eder, Los… More